Shipping FAQ

Orders take 5 business days to be fulfilled and shipped, when all items in an order are in stock. Orders that require vinyl to be cut and laid, like banner orders or diecuts, will take up to 10 business days to be fulfilled and shipped, however, it can take longer if vinyl has to be ordered in when it runs out.

All orders ship via regular letter mail, or tracked packet. Regular letter mail comes without any insurance, or tracking, and there is no delivery time frame. We do not recommend using regular letter mail unless you live in the USA. Any other destination, and we have bad experiences very often. Especially within Canada, to Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries such as Belgium, the UK, and France.

If you choose regular letter mail to save yourself $5 - $15, be aware that you're risking problems arising unless you live in the USA. The only reason we offer it is because customers complain that $7 - $20 USD for tracked shipping is too expensive on a $7 sticker or $8 key tag.

We are based in Canada, and Canada Post is completely shit, but that's the only way we can ship. We could use FedEx or UPS or Purolator but it would cost at least $30 - $40 USD. All of our tracked options come with insurance, and take about 1 - 2 weeks to arrive, after fulfillment.

It is normal for our orders to take 3 - 6 weeks to arrive once your order has been made, this is because of many things but mainly shipping. In Canada we get hosed on shipping rates, as well as shipping times. Canada Post regularly has service interruptions posted on their website to the US for Customs delays. Doing business in Canada is just bad in general. There is also the issue of buying new vinyl, or products, and having them take longer to arrive since we're in Canada, but also because we have to settle for longer wait times due to slower Canada Customs processes, and slower / cheaper mail rates that our world wide suppliers use since it's so expensive to ship into Canada, as well as outside of Canada.

We lose money on the shipping aspect of every order we ship. We lose $0.50 on every single regular mail order, and we lose $3 on every single tracked packet order. We do this because we cannot compete with US based stores who can charge half of what we charge for tracked mail, sometimes even a quarter of what we charge.

TLDR, shipping is a pain in the ass sometimes. We get it more than you do, considering we deal with hundreds of people a month and easily 20-30 every month who never receive things on time, or people who receive things 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 months later even though we've already refunded them.

If you want our help with shipping delays, choose the damn tracked options. That's all we can say, because the regular mail is a pain in the ass to decipher issues with. If you choose the cheapest option, we cannot offer any help and you'll have to remake an order if you still want to purchase something.


Read item descriptions carefully, some items can be pre order such as custom vinyl items, due to demand and costs for example Red Metallic Flake. Some items just go into pre order mode even after you place an order. We will always get your stuff to you as soon as possible.